Promotional Balmain Pens



Balmain Paris pens are the ideal gifts for top clients and exceptional employees.

Your clients, employees and friends will love these sophisticated writing instruments. Balmain of Paris has a fantastic reputation as being a world leader in the manufacture of mid range executive gift pens.  


Ask for a sample or two and you will see why.


High quality corporate gifts are often quite pricy but not on this site!  We are the UK's leading online Balmain supplier and our prices reflect this. 

Anyone who is lucky enough to be on the receiving end of one of these treasured luxurious gift pens will appreciate and want to use it regularly.  They need not know you paid far less than the recommended retail price!


Executive Balmain writing instruments help demonstrate the quality of the products
and/or service you offer.  They show your customers and employees that you mean business and that you appreciate all that they do for you. They help establsh your brand as a leader.

Balmain pens are often used for;


  • Employee awards
  • Increasing brand awareness
  • Customer and employee thank you gifts
  • Incentives
  • Customer referral gifts


If you would like more information about  Balmain or any of the quality promotional pens we supply, please contact us on 01642 782455.

  1. Balmain Etoile Pens 19980057

    Balmain Etoile Pens
    Balmain Etoile Pens includes packaging. Prices include Engraving on the barrel Engraving area: 52mm...

    Was£2.15from£1.95 Each

  2. Balmain Troyes Pens 19980841

    Balmain Troyes Pens
    Balmain Troyes Pens supplied in black plastic gift box. Prices include Engraving in 1 position...

    Was£3.88from£3.53 Each

  3. Balmain Arles Pens 10620200

    Balmain Arles Pens
    Balmain Paris Pens supplied with velvet pouch. These are exceptional quality, weighty, metal pens...

    Was£2.84from£2.58 Each

  4. Balmain Avignon Pens 19982123

    Balmain Avignon Pens
    Balmain Avignon Pens supplied in imitation leather pouch. Prices include Engraving in 1 position...

    Was£5.09from£4.63 Each

  5. Balmain Etoile Pen Sets 19980067

    Balmain Etoile Pen Sets
    Balmain Etoile Pen Sets with fountain pen and ballpoint pen and includes packaging. Prices include...

    Was£5.29from£4.81 Each

  6. Balmain Erqui Pens 19980202

    Balmain Erqui Pens
    Balmain Erqui Pens. Prices includes engraving in 1 position Engraving area: 45mm x 5mm Ink colour:...

    Was£5.65from£5.14 Each

  7. Balmain Arles Pen Sets 10620301

    Balmain Arles Pen Sets
    Balmain Arles Pen Sets. Aluminium ballpoint and roller ball in giftbox. Prices include a one colour...

    Was£6.59from£5.99 Each

  8. Balmain La Plagne Pens 19982122

    Balmain La Plagne Pens
    Balmain La Plagne Pens supplied in imitation leather pouch. Prices include Engraving in 1 position...

    Was£7.65from£6.95 Each

  9. Balmain Orleans Pens 19980870

    Balmain Orleans Pens
    Balmain Orleans Pens in a presentation box with metal fastening. Prices include Engraving in 1...

    Was£7.80from£7.09 Each

  10. Balmain Millau Pens 19982156

    Balmain Millau Pens
    Balmain Millau Pens. Leather wrapped pens in imitation leather pouch. Prices include 1 colour print...

    Was£9.19from£8.35 Each

  11. Balmain Grenoble Pen Sets 10620700

    Balmain Grenoble Pen Sets
    Balmain Grenoble Pen Sets. Aluminium ballpoint and roller ball. Ballpoint and rollerball can also...

    Was£8.98from£8.16 Each

  12. Balmain Tulle 3 in 1 Pens 10623100

    Balmain Tulle 3 in 1 Pens
    Balmain Tulle 3 in 1 Pens. Ballpoint / laser pointer / PDA tip in a nice luxury Balmain gift box....

    Was£11.79from£10.72 Each

  13. Balmain Valence Pens 10609700

    Balmain Valence Pens
    Balmain Valence Pens supplied with imitation leather pouch. Prices include Engraving in 1 position...

    Was£11.32from£10.29 Each

  14. Balmain Concorde Pen Sets 19980221

    Balmain Concorde Pen Sets
    Balmain Concorde Pen Sets are top of the range business gifts. These pens are extremely weighty...

    Was£12.49from£11.35 Each

  15. Balmain Nantes Pen Sets 19980860

    Balmain Nantes Pen Sets
    Balmain Nantes Pen Sets. Roller ball/ballpoint with Parker type refill in paper gift box with...

    Was£12.64from£11.49 Each