Promotional Torches – Shine A Light On Your Next Promotion

March 25th, 2015
Promotional torches - the McQueen torch keyring range

Nine colours to choose from. Let us know if you would like to see a sample.

The best way to ensure your next promotional products campaign will be a success is to target your customers with products they will want to own and use.

These McQueen promotional torches are an excellent choice regardless of your business sector. Let’s face it… we all use keyrings and it’s always good to have a torch to hand when we want one.

Promotional torches - The Best Selling Mcqueen torch keyring

These are best sellers for a reason. Great quality, low price.

Promotional torches - The McQueen torch keyring

You choose your colour. The engraving looks great.

Click here for more information

The McQueen keyring torch is manufactured in aluminium and is available in nine eye-catching colours. It is the perfect size and weight for a keyring, making your keys hard to lose while not being too bulky.

As you can see from the photos here, these stylish corporate giveaways have a shiny lacquer finish with silver accents. They are supplied with a 3 x LED light and also come in an attractive give box.

Promotional flashlights

Ask us for a sample. We love to show off our work.

`Promotional torches by compugift

We can supply the McQueen Torch Keyring just 10 days!

Your logo and/or message can be laser engraved. This means that your branding will be permanent. You can rest assured your message will stay with your customer for the life of the product.

There is a minimum quantity order of just 100 so these business gifts are the perfect choice for campaigns large and small.

As you can see from the photographs, the engraving area is quite large at 30mm x 8mm. We can assist you with any artwork issues and will also supply a PDF visual before engraving which you can either approve or have us amend.

Promotional torches

Engraved logos that last the life of the product. A long time!

As with all promotional products, it is always nice to see a sample before placing a large order. We would be more than happy to send you a sample to assist you with your decision.

For more information, please contact us on 01642 782455. We look forward to working with you.

Promotional torches

Contact us of rmore information on 01642 782455 today.

Promote Your Business With Nurse and Doctor Promotional Stress Balls

March 18th, 2015
Doctor and Nurse Promotional Stress Balls

These can be made in the colours of your choice!

We often get new customers asking us what promotional gifts can we supply. When Promotional stress balls are mentioned, a typical answer is ‘I could do with a stress ball right now’.

So it’s not surprising that stress relievers are one of the ten best selling low cost business gifts. No matter what profession you are in, stress is likely to be part of your day to some extent.

Close up of doctor shaped stress ball

The doctor is in stock now!

Doctor shaped stress reliever

Doesn’t he look great!

Some of the most popular medical related stress toys in our range are the doctor and nurse. You don’t need to be in the medical profession to find a good use for one of these shapes though it is to medical schools and the NHS that we supply the bulk of them to. These shapes can be made in any colour for a minimum order quantity of 500. The lead time is approximately 4 weeks though we can often supply faster. Just ask if you need them in a hurry and we’ll do our best.

Printing your company logo and details is no problem. There are in fact two print areas that you can choose from, one the back and another on the front. The front position has the largest print area on both the doctor and nurse but some people prefer to print on the back or in both positions.

Doctor and nurse stress balls

Order just one shape or pick and choose.

Doctor and nurse stress balls

Bring your exhibition stand to life with these fun shapes.

We are always here to give you our expert advice. We can also supply you with PDF visuals so that you know exactly what your getting before we go to print.

We had a customer who originally contacted us for doctor ‘squeezies’. Mike worked for a pharmaceutical firm and wanted fun giveaways for a series of exhibitions his company was doing.

When he found out that we have quite a few medical shapes, he ordered a quantity of them all. He told us how his stand looked amazing with so many different cartoon-like characters. If I had only known, I would have asked him for a few pics. They all went and he now has customers who still remember him because of the fun toys he was giving away on the stand.

doctor and nurse stress balls

We can print these in spot or full colour.

Doctor and nurse stress balls.

Just having a bit of fun.

Nurse promotional stress balls

The male and female nurse shapes are so popular.

The prices you see on our website includes a 1 colour print but for a little more we can print in full colour too. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you would like to see a sample on 01642 782455. We would be happy to oblige.

Promotional Pens – Introducing the New Senator Dart Digital

March 17th, 2015
Full Colour printed Senator Dart Pens by CompuGift

You’ve got to order a sample. We think you’ll be impressed!

Full colour printed Senator Dart Pens

We love the Senator Dart Digital and think you might too.

There was a time when promotional pens could only be printed one to three colours. This is still the case with most pens. If you have a full colour logo to print, this could make things slightly difficult.

The good news is that things are changing. New digital printing methods are making it possible for an increasing number of plastic and metal writing instruments to be printed, picture perfect in full colour.

Senator Pens, one of the world’s leading and most loved corporate pen manufacturers is now printing full colour logos onto their Super Hit and Dart pens. These were of course a good place to start as they are their two best selling plastic pens.

For now, I’m going to focus on the Dart.

The Dart Digital ballpen is everything you could want in a low cost plastic corporate pen. It is designed for the promotional products market so there is a lot of print area for your logo and message. You can see this from the photos I’ve included here.

Senator Dart Digital pens

So much print area!

Senator Dart Digital Pens

You can print your logo and/or details around the barrel of the pen.

In fact, the Dart Digital can be printed with a 360 degree wrap around imprint which is quite eye-catching to say the least.

So if you have a photographic image, intricate logo or a 4 colour design then why not give the Dart a try?

We would be happy to send you samples so that you and your colleagues can write with them. It’s always best to write with a pen so that you know what you’re getting before sending a load out to your customers.  We’re quite sure you will be impressed. The Dart features a large refill that is top quality and made in Germany.

If you would like more information about the Dart Digital ballpen or would like to see a free sample then please call our friendly sales team on 01642 782455 who will be more than happy to help with any questions you may have. Either that or just give me a shout on your favourite social network or click here to go straight to the Dart Digital.

Promotional Lanyards – Here’s What’s Available In Text & Pictures

March 17th, 2015
Pile of promotional lanyards by CompuGift

We’ll help you find the best promotional lanyards for your marketing requirements.

Promotional lanyards

You are just one click away from our fantastic range of corporate lanyards!

Promotional Lanyards are seen everywhere these days. Just look around. Your children’s teachers all wear them. The police and other emergency services do too. Go to the shopping mall and almost every employee is sporting a branded lanyard, printed with the company logo and made in the brands colours.

Put simply, these promotional products are not only excellent for promoting brands, they are also used for security reasons. Now that I’ve mentioned it, try to see how many printed lanyards you are confronted with on your next outing. The NHS, schools, universities, venue employees, charities, contractors and cold callers all have them. We have seen demand grow substantially over the past few years.

Trigger clip for promotional lanyards by CompuGift

The standard trigger clip. Very popular choice.


Clip options for promotional lanyards by CompuGift

There are many different clip options.

At CompuGift Ltd we supply many different varieties of Lanyards which include: Smooth Polyester, Boot Lace, Woven, Tubular Polyester and Flat Plant Silk. Most of these come in sizes of 10mm, 15mm, 20mm or 25mm width and are supplied with the standard metal trigger clip. As safety is a concern for many, many of our lanyards are fitted with a safety break too.

There are also many accessories available to add to the lanyards such as, different clip fittings, card wallet holders, carabiners & hooks, USB flash drives and pull reels. You can also attach your mobile phone or keys to the lanyards.

Selection of promotional lanyards

Just some of our printed lanyard work. We can find the best lanyard for your requirements.

Our lanyards come in a large range of colours so finding a colour to match your corporate brand is never  a problem. Alternatively we can pantone match the lanyards in your corporate colour but this will be at an extra cost.

Example of a woven promotional lanyard by CompuGift

Here’s an example of a logo that has been woven into a lanyard. These look fantastic!

Woven lanyard with attractive raised print by CompuGift

We can printed onto woven lanyards. This is a raised print that looks amazing. Ask for a sample.

Printed lanyards by CompuGift

Another look. We can print light onto dark.

Promotional boot lace lanyards by CompuGift

Boot lace lanyards are hot right now. We have them in many different colours too.

Printed lanyards in multiple colours by CompuGift

We pride ourselves on our top quality print.

Printing your company details on these promotional lanyards looks great.  The prices on our website include a 1 colour print on one side of the lanyard but we can also print on two sides and in more colours if you require.

The standard lead time for lanyards is approximately 3 weeks but if you need them in a hurry we can supply certain lanyards within 5 working days, so please inform us if you have an event coming up when enquiring.

Samples are available to assist you with any decision making so please contact our friendly sales team on 01642 782455 who are more than happy to help you with any queries you may have about our promotional lanyards service.

Promote Your Brand With Container Ship Promotional Stress Balls

March 5th, 2015
Promotional cargo ship stress balls

You will love this new shape. Samples freely available.

One of our newest shapes also happens to be one of our most popular. Since designing our container ship stress ball, we have had no few than five orders.

So what businesses benefit from using these unique shapes to promote their brand?

Any company that imports products from overseas will love placing their details on a quantity of cargo ship stress balls. You may not use your own ships but by having these shapes manufactured to order in your corporate colours, it drives the message home. This is a strategy that has been used for years with our van and lorry shaped stress balls.

promotional cargo ship stress balls

Promote your brand with a navy of cargo ships!

If you export your products overseas these could work for you too. Giving away your own branded stress toy ships helps people picture that you export your products and that can’t be a bad thing.

Colleges and universities with courses in shipping could also find these promotional products quite useful.

I like the fact that these stress relievers are quite big and sit easily on the desktop. There is so much room to print your logo and message. They are big but not so large that you can’t give them a good squeeze. These were designed to fit into the average adult sized hand comfortably.

Promotional container ship stress balls

Don’t these look fantastic!

As with all of our stress shapes, you can have your ships made to order. You choose the colour/s and we’ll go to work. The lead-time is only about three weeks.

Promotional stress balls are very eye-catching. Not only do people like to pick them up, they also like to look at them. If you are marketing your brand using Pinterest, Twitter or Facebook, these visually exciting products will attract attention to your social networks.

We would be more than happy to supply you with a sample if you think these ship shaped stress relievers could work for you. Just contact our sales office and we’ll organise that for you. We can also send you a quotation and visual.

Container ship shaped promotional stress balls

And a look from behind.

If these promotional container ship stress balls are of interest to you, please click here for more details. You can also contact us on 01642 782455.

Bespoke Stress Balls – The Ordering Process Made Easy

January 19th, 2015
Made to Order Bespoke stress balls

We can make stress balls in your shape of choice

If you are looking for a unique promotional gift that no competitor will be giving away, then why not think about a quantity of custom made promotional stress balls, made up in the shape of your company logo/mascot.

Custom made stress balls are very personal to a company because they are so personalised. We have many customers who want their own unique gift to giveaway that no other business will have.

However, there are limitations on what shapes can be made into a stress toy. For example; anything that has arms and legs sticking out will not be suitable because they can easily snap off. You have to keep in mind that stress shapes are made from PU foam and are used for squeezing to help release your stress.

Usually, however, we can get around any difficulties by tweaking the design a bit.

How Are made to order stress balls produced?

Once you have placed an order with us we will then email the image and size details to my factory who are based in China.

They will then make the mould using the image and sizes and email us a picture of the mould, which is usually within 2 weeks from when you place an order with us.

Example of clay mould for bespoke promotional stress balls

Example of clay mould for bespoke promotional stress balls

Please note at this stage the mould is made of clay so that if there are any changes, we can make them. I have attached a photograph of this process.

Once the mould has been approved, our factory will then make all of the promotional stress relievers and paint them in the colour of your choice. We also print one for your approval before printing the complete order.

Once approved, your bespoke stress balls are on their way.

Made to order man shaped stress balls

Don’t these look fantastic!

Man shaped bespoke promotional stress balls from the underside.

We will supply you with as many photos as you need to ensure your stress balls are perfect.

Man shaped made to order promotional stress balls.

If you like these man shapes, we can make them for you too.

Example of print quality on made to order man shaped stress balls

Our print quality is second to none.

Made to order promotional man shaped stress balls

What is your shape? We can produce it for you!

Please note at this stage no changes can be made to the stress ball shape. If any changes are made to the artwork there may be an additional charges as my the screens will have been produced with the artwork you supplied.

When we have received your final approval my factory will then print the logo on all the products and ship them to you.

The whole process can take around 4-5 weeks so please ensure you leave plenty of time before your event.

For more information, please contact us on 01642 782455 to discuss your requirements.

There Is Only One Place You’ll Find These Promotional Lamy Logo Pens

December 12th, 2014
Special addition Lamy Logo Steel

Special edition Lamy Logo Steel

One of the benefits of being the UK’s leading supplier of promotional Lamy Pens is that we get to feature top quality writing instruments that are exclusive to us. Take this Lamy Logo Stainless Steel Pen for example.

This is a limited addition Lamy Logo Stainless Steel pen with a special shiny barrel. The other version has a brushed finish and retails for about £14.00 each engraved in one position. I have included a photo of the brushed version below.


Click here to take advantage of this LAMY Logo Stainless Steel Pen offer while stocks last!

While stocks last, we can offer this special addition Lamy Logo Stainless Steel pen starting at just £6.99 for a quantity of 50. Price includes a one colour print or engraving.

That’s right… same pen Logo pen but with a different finish.

Just check out the features…

• Made of stainless steel
• Push-button and clip as one unit
• Spring-mounted clip
• Giant refill M16 M (10.000 m writing performance)
• Also available as mechanical pencil, fountain pen and rollerball pen

The reason for supplying these at a special low cost is to try them in the UK market. If the pen sells as well as the original (currently Lamy’s second best selling writing instrument in the UK), it will no doubt be added to the range permanently.

Close up of the clip end of the Lamy Logo Stainless Steel Pen

These Lamy’s make the perfect gift for your top clients.

Two Lamy Logo Stainless Steel Pens

Special edition Lamy Logo Steel Pens at a special reduced price.

View of the Lamy Logo Stainless Steel Pen from the clip

Attractive and at a reduced special price.

The Lamy Logo Stainless Steel Pen

Give us a call on 01642 782455 to reserve your Lamy Logos!

Lamy Logo Stainless Steel Pen with brushed finish

The original Lamy Logo with a brushed finish.

The Lamy Swift Pen – One Of Lamy’s Top 10 Best Sellers

December 11th, 2014
The Lamy Swift corporate pen in four colours

Write with the Lamy Swift and you’ll be hooked.

If you’ve looked into promotional pens before, you’ve probably seen a low cost version of the Lamy Swift Pen. The copies are made in China and nowhere near the executive corporate pen that the original Lamy Swift is. All you need to do is sit down and write with the Lamy Swift rollerball and you’ll be hooked.

It is with this in mind that I would like to encourage you to give these high quality writing instruments a try. We would be more than happy to arrange for you to see a sample.

So what is so different about the Swift?

Well to start, they are high end writing instruments that are usually given away to a company’s best customers. With a starting price of around £20.00 each printed or engraved, they need to be for someone special.

Giving away promotional gifts like these shows your client’s and employees just how much they mean to you. These are gifts that are used daily for years. Each time they are used, your logo and/or message will be seen, further promoting your brand.

Replacement Lamy refills are easily found on the High Street as Lamy pens are now being sold through some of the UK’s most popular shops such as WHSmith, Selfridges and John Lewis. That said, your customers and employees will be able to write for a long time with the original refill as it has a writing life of over 10,000 metres. That’s one heck of a lot of writing.

In addition to the attractive nib area of the pen, I really love the integrated clip/push safety mechanism (a worldwide patent is held by Lamy for this mechanism so you won’t find it anywhere else.)

Click Here To Order your Lamy Swift Pens here.

When the pen is in use, the clip retracts into the body of the pen so that you can’t accidentally place it in your front pocket, ruining your shirt or jacket. This feature also makes the pen more comfortable to write with. When the tip is retracted, the clip reappears ready for use.

The Lamy Swift promotional pen can be expertly tampo printed or engraved. Engraving looks fantastic. Individual unique names can be engraved on each pen.

As with all Lamy products, all parts of the Swift are manufactured and assembled at the family run Lamy factory in Heidelberg Germany. The pen is manufactured with a valuable palladium coating in matt black, matt blue or anthracite lacquer finish.

Would you like to learn more about this eye-catching and memorable writing instrument? Please contact us on 01642 782455 or click here to go right to the Lamy Swift on our website.

Close up of the clip end of the Lamy Swift Pen

Close up of the clip end of the Lamy Swift Pen.

Close up of the nib end of the Lamy Swift Pen

Close up of the nib end of the Lamy Swift Pen.

The Lamy Noto Pen – One Of Lamy’s Top 10 Best Sellers

December 10th, 2014
Lamy Noto Promotional Pen

If it’s good enough for Google…

Here’s a bit of logo printing trivia for you. You can’t print the Google logo on promotional products without permission from Google, even if you are promoting your Google Plus page. Only Google can have their logo printed onto merchandise so the above photo says something! If promotional Lamy Noto pens are good enough for one of the world’s most respected and used brands, they may just do wonders for your brand too.

Personally, I love the Lamy Noto pen. These are unique writing instruments with a triangular barrel and built in clip mechanism. Notos are high-quality advertising tools used by many of the world’s biggest brands including Mercedes.

Designed by famous Japanese designer, Naoto Fukasawa and manufactured in house by Lamy in Heidelberg Germany, you are sure to find these Lamy writing instruments excellent value for money. They are priced so that even the smallest companies can promote themselves in a stylish and memorable way.


CLICK HERE to order the Lamy Noto online or discuss your requirements with our sales office on 01642 782455.


The attractive built in clip of the Lamy Noto Pen

The attractive built in clip of the Lamy Noto Pen

When you choose a Noto for your customers and employees, you are getting a lot of pen for your money.

• Multi-award-winning designer writing instrument for daily use
• Excellent price-performance ratio
• Pen made in Germany to the highest quality
• Ballpoint pen manufactured from heavy-weight matt plastic
• Ergonomic – easy to hold triangular body (Great for printing)
• Clip integrated in the barrel, made of fiber-
glass reinforced plastic
• Tip and clip are metallised (In the UK there is also an all plastic option
• Includes Lamy’s giant ballpoint refill with a 10,000 metre writing life

Close up of the Lamy Noto Pen's unique built in clip

Close up of the Lamy Noto Pen’s unique built in clip .

The three sided Lamy Noto Pen with attractive push button mechanism

The three sided Lamy Noto Pen with attractive push button mechanism.

Lamy Noto Pens - Great for daily use

Lamy Noto Pens – Great for daily use!

We would love to discuss your requirements with you. We can also arrange for you to see samples. There’s nothing better than trying out a pen before purchasing a large quantity.

Promotional Lamy Noto Pens are excellent for promoting businesses large and small.

Save On Promotional Sumo Shaped Stress Balls

September 18th, 2014
Promotional sumo stress balls

Any way you look at these sumos, they catch people’s eye!

To go straight to our promotional stress balls, please click here.

We just did a job for Hitachi Consulting and I thought I’d show you a few photos. Promotional sumo shaped stress balls are in the top ten shapes we supply. In fact, I’ll be posting more work that we’ve done as the products come in. Not just the sumos of course.

I want you to see all of the work we do with promotional stress balls.

Imagine having an army of sumos behind your marketing campaign. This is what we produced for Hitachi and we can do it for you too.

All of our stress relievers are made to order. With sumo stress toys, you can choose the skin colour and trim colours. We’ve even supplied one company with green sumos with yellow trim a few years back. I wish I had photos of that job.

Promotional sumo shaped stress balls

We can make these to your specifications.

The belly of the sumo is the best place to print. This was quite a simple job with a one colour logo and text. Full colour logos look fantastic too. You know that people will see them. How could they not?

We can assist you with the design if you don’t have an in-house designer. You might also like to check out this post I wrote with ideas of what you can write on the belly under your logo.

promotional stress balls in the shape of sumos

Pound the competition with your fun sumo squeezies!

promotional sumo stress balls

Would you like an army of sumos promoting your brand? Give us a call!

Print Area:

The print are on our sumos is 35mm x 20mm on the belly. We can also do transfer prints in other locations. Just let us know your requirements and we will do what we can to make the job perfect. You will receive pdf visuals of the job before we go to print.


Although we do keep these fun shapes in stock at all time which we can print in a hurry, we recommend allowing three weeks. Then we can make them to order for you in the colours you choose.

For more information or to ask for a sample, please contact us on 01642 782455.

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