Save On Promotional Sumo Shaped Stress Balls

September 18th, 2014
Promotional sumo stress balls

Any way you look at these sumos, they catch people’s eye!

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We just did a job for Hitachi Consulting and I thought I’d show you a few photos. Promotional sumo shaped stress balls are in the top ten shapes we supply. In fact, I’ll be posting more work that we’ve done as the products come in. Not just the sumos of course.

I want you to see all of the work we do with promotional stress balls.

Imagine having an army of sumos behind your marketing campaign. This is what we produced for Hitachi and we can do it for you too.

All of our stress relievers are made to order. With sumo stress toys, you can choose the skin colour and trim colours. We’ve even supplied one company with green sumos with yellow trim a few years back. I wish I had photos of that job.

Promotional sumo shaped stress balls

We can make these to your specifications.

The belly of the sumo is the best place to print. This was quite a simple job with a one colour logo and text. Full colour logos look fantastic too. You know that people will see them. How could they not?

We can assist you with the design if you don’t have an in-house designer. You might also like to check out this post I wrote with ideas of what you can write on the belly under your logo.

promotional stress balls in the shape of sumos

Pound the competition with your fun sumo squeezies!

promotional sumo stress balls

Would you like an army of sumos promoting your brand? Give us a call!

Print Area:

The print are on our sumos is 35mm x 20mm on the belly. We can also do transfer prints in other locations. Just let us know your requirements and we will do what we can to make the job perfect. You will receive pdf visuals of the job before we go to print.


Although we do keep these fun shapes in stock at all time which we can print in a hurry, we recommend allowing three weeks. Then we can make them to order for you in the colours you choose.

For more information or to ask for a sample, please contact us on 01642 782455.

Promotional Parker Jotter Pens – New Colours Express Delivery

September 15th, 2014
The complete range of promotional Parker Jotter Pens

The standard and new colours of the Parker Jotter.

—> You can check out the Parker Jotter Ball Pen on our site right here.

Promotional Parker Jotter pens can be found in any business gift catalogue. The catalogues just wouldn’t be complete without these iconic Jotters! These promotional gift pens are much sought after business gifts and for good reason – they offer quality and style at a very reasonable price.

Now to mark the 60th Anniversary of the Parker Jotter, Parker has brought out four new retro colours for a limited time only. These are bright pink, orange, green and ivory. If any of these colours are part of your corporate colour scheme, now is the time to take advantage of these limited addition Parkers.

New colours of the Parker Jotter Pen

These new colours are proving to be quite popular.

In addition to the these four new colours, Parker has also brought out four three further new colours that will be a permanent part of the range. Check out the purple, cyan and red options in the photographs in this article. If these colours are right for your business, we have them in stock right now. Express printing any of the products in the range is no problem. In fact, we can do this in as few as five days.

Of course the original colour of white, black, navy and maroon are all still available too.

The famous logo clip of the Parker Jotter

That famous clip!

At CompuGift we have specialised in the complete Parker Pen range for over 15 years. Our print machine for the Parker Jotter is always running due to demand. This is why we can print them so fast.

Some of the colours do have their limitations as far as print is concerned. For example, you would not want to print a vibrant red onto a dark navy background. The can print practically any Pantone you like on the lighter colours. We can help you get it all just right.

The Parker Jotter Gift Box

The presentation box really adds to the presentation


All Jotters are printed and then despatched in a special gift box. This looks great. It makes the popular pens really stand out when given as a gift.

Branding Methods and Print Area

There is a nice print area of 35mm x 20mm on the barrel. This can be printed in spot colour or full colour digital. Full colour print on a Parker looks fantastic. Contact us if you would like to see a printed sample.


Our promotional Parker Jotter Pens can be printed in as few as five days! Now that’s fast.

Refill Colour

The refill colour is blue as standard. Black ink refills are available on request thought the lead-time may be a little longer. Please contact us for details.

If you would like more information, please contact our sales office on 01642 782455. You can shop online for Jotter Pens here.

Top view of the Parker Jotter range in all the colours

And a top view.

Information About Promotional Dog Shaped Stress Balls

September 10th, 2014
Promotional dog shaped stress balls

Promotional dog stress toys are popular with so many.

Dog lovers, Kennel owners, charity workers, Dog trainers… These are just some of a very large group of people and businesses that use promotional dog shaped stress balls to promote their message. In the photographs on this page you will see the most popular dog stress toy. There are others but this is the one that we keep in stock almost all the time.

There is actually a lot you can do with this dog shape. Although it comes as a white dog with black spots as standard, this can be made in any colour your like.

You can also choose to leave the spots off or have them Pantone matched to your company colours. Doing this can really get people looking, not only at the dog but your logo and details.

Side view of our promotional stress ball dogs

A side view of our popular dog shapes.

Back view of the stress ball dog showing the printable area

There is a lot of printable area on the back of our dogs!

If you are looking for 1000 plus promotional dog shaped stress balls, we can also make these to order. Let’s say you need one to look like your company mascot or a guide dog. Just send us a photograph of the breed you would like us to copy and we will.

The lead-time for special shapes is about four weeks. During this time, you will see visuals of the mould and then the finished and printed stress ball before we actually go into production. If this is of interest to you, I’m sure you will be impressed with our work.

Side view and bottom view of the promotional stress ball dog

The flat surface on the bottom helps the dog stand on the desktop. These make great desktop gifts.

Dimensions and Print Area

The size of the standard dog stress toy is 100mm x 70mm x 65mm. There is a nice print area of 30mm x 20mm on the back though this can often be made bigger if necessary by leaving off a few spots.


If you need your promotional dog shaped stress balls in a rush, we can usually express print them in about a week. That said, it’s a good idea to allow three weeks so that we can make them to order for you. Why not personalise you dogs with colours from your logo?

Top view of the promotional stress ball dog

And a top view!

If you would like more information about these fun dog shapes or if you would like to discuss having us make your to order, please contact me on 01642 782455.

You can also go straight to our stress reliever dog on our website. Here’s the link.

Left and right side views of the promotional stress ball dogs

Give us a call today. We’d love to send you a sample to assist you with your decision.

Promotional Zebra Stress Balls

September 9th, 2014
Promotional zebra stress ball showing the print area on the back

These promotional zebra stress balls can look fantastic manufactured in your corporate colours.

Here at CompuGift, we love our range or promotional zebra stress balls. “Love” may be a strong word but allow me to tell you why we think these zebra stress toys just plain get it. Hint… it’s in the stripes.

Imagine having these low cost squeezies manufactured in your own company colours! Many have done this before and came up with some pretty unique looking zebras. The base colour and stripes can be printed so that they match your corporate colour scheme. Pantone matching is not a problem.

Promotional zebra stress balls showing standing zebra and the underside of a zebra.

The stubby legs help the zebras stand making them a great low cost desktop gift.

Now that you’ve got that idea in your head, think about what you could do with these popular business gifts.

They would look fantastic donning your exhibition stand or sent in the post with your corporate literature. Sending gifts that are made to order like this really bring your brand to life.

Front view of two zebra stress balls

Posing for a portrait.

Size and Printing Information

The dimensions of our promotional zebra stress balls is 50mm x 115mm x 90mm. This is a nice size for a stress toy as it isn’t too large to give a good squeeze but it’s also the perfect size for a desktop gift. The fat legs help ensure it stands easily on the desktop promoting your brand and details to all who see it. Looking at it, I think you’ll agree it would be hard to miss especially if it were in some crazy colours.

There is a large print area on the back of 30mm x 20mm. We can print in spot colour or full colour digital and can also work around your requirements.

Let’s say for example that you have one heck of a lot of information you would like to print onto your zebras. We could leave a few stripes off the side so that you have an even larger print area. This is easily done as we manufacture all of our printed stress toys to order.

Lead Time

Although we do almost always have a large quantity of promotional zebra stress balls in stock that can be printed and despatched in about a week, you will get the best prices if we make them to order for you. This will take about 3 weeks for delivery. This is also the case if you want to have your stress relievers printed in full colour.

We always aim to please so please contact us if you have a special job in mind on a tight deadline. If we can do it for you we will. We’ve been known to work a few miracles.


All of our personalised stress relievers including the zebra are sold at trade prices. This means that you will save between 30% and 40% when purchasing these business gifts from CompuGift. Our products are the best quality on the market and we’d love to show you samples so that you can see this for yourself.

If you would like to order now, just click here to visit our zebra stress ball page. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me on 01642 782455.

Two zebra stress balls from the front

And another photo!

Promotional zebra stress ball

Click the photo above to purchase now.

A Look At Promotional Cruise Ship Stress Balls

September 9th, 2014
Promotional cruise ship stress balls

Smooth sailing. These ship shaped stress relievers are great for promoting educational exchanges.

As stress toys go, promotional cruise ship stress balls certainly have their niche. That said, it’s quite a large niche that needs to be looked at. Here I hope to offer a few ideas from the work we’ve done over the years that may come in handy for you.

It’s of course stating the obvious to say that these ship shaped stress relievers are sold mainly to the travel and leisure industry. They are sold on cruise ships, given away at exhibitions and in travel goodie bags. But what about all the other travel themed promotions?

Rear view of the popular promotional cruise ship stress ball

The back of the ships can also be printed. Contact us for details.

One of our customers decided to send their top sales manager and their family on a one week cruise. Not only that, they also decided to do the same for their top distributor. I can tell you, there was a lot of people competing for that one. The IT firm decided to have a quantity of promotional cruise ship stress balls manufactured in their company purple.

These were printed in white on the side and sent out to their regional offices and also to all their distributors. Some branches received 20 in the post as there were so many possible winners.

Promotional cruise shaped stress balls

Double act. These cruise shaped stress toys look great in numbers.

This not only help promote their brand internally and to their many distributors, but it also really got the competition off to a rocking start.

Another customer – a local travel – agent decided to hand cruise ship stress balls to everyone who entered their office looking for a good holiday. These fun squeezies turned a few heads and even helped steer people towards the idea of a cruise instead of their normal holiday.

One of the great things about these ships is their size and large print area.

Promotional cruise ship shaped stress ball

There is a large print area on both sides as well as the back.

Ship dimentions and print area

One of the great things about the cruise ship shape is that there is such a large print area for your logo and message. You can print on both sides. The print area on each side is 50mm x 40mm. This is much larger than is available on most stress relievers.

We can print both in spot colour or in full colour and we would be happy to assist you with your artwork and typesetting which we do free of charge as part of our service.

The ships are 150mm x 55mm x 40mm, so they are small enough to squeeze but large enough to make a big impact.

Promotional cruise ship stress balls

We have white cruise ships in stock at all time. Express delivery no problem.


We keep cruise ship stress balls in stock at all times. After all, there are so many things you can do with them. Even if you’re not in the position to be giving away a free cruise, you can sure have a nice cruise party for your employees and customers. Ask them to come dressed in cruise attire and let the party begin.

Please note that if you would like your ships printed in full colour or manufactured in a special colour, you need to allow three weeks for delivery.

For more information about our promotional cruise ship stress balls, please click here or contact me on 01642 782455.

A Look At Promotional Lorry Shaped Stress Balls

September 9th, 2014
Promotional Lorry Stress Balls in three sizes

Whatever your lorry’s shape, we probably have one to match it.

Promotional lorry shaped stress balls are popular for promoting businesses large and small. The good news is you don’t need a huge budget to promote your business with these fun stress shapes.

We have supplied lorry stress toys to all of the largest trucking companies in the UK. We’ve got all the popular shapes that match those you see all the time on the road.

Promotional lorry stress balls - front view of different shapes

There’s power in numbers. Some of our clients have ordered quantities of all our lorry shapes.

As we specialise in made to order shapes, we can help you design truck squeezies that really match your brand image. From the colour of the cab and trailer to the print on the side. You will be surprised at how closely we can match your stress lorries to your own lorries.

This applies to small firms too. The minimum order quantity for specially coloured stress lorries is only 500.

promotional truck shaped stress balls

These lorry shapes are quite popular and well known.

One of our customers who ordered recently had a small removals company. He had a small budget but didn’t want to simply hand out promotional pens like he had done so many times over his eight years in business.

He sent us a photograph of his truck and we were able to copy it and deliver fantastic looking stress trucks in under 3 weeks.

Small key chain promotional lorry stress balls

These shapes were made to order for a customer with keyring attached.

The range of sizes is vast so it would be impossible, or perhaps quite boring to go into detail here. Therefore I have included photographs of some of our work. Choose the one that looks closest to yours and we will send you all the print area details and a price.

You may be surprised at how inexpensive it is. Unlike other business gift suppliers, we actually work closely with two excellent stress ball factories. We’ve been working with them for over fifteen years and the quality is second to none. What’s more, as we are sending the merchandise directly from the factory to you, we can supply at trade prices worldwide.

promotional lorry stress balls - side views

Perhaps the perfect promotional gift for your trucking company.

If this idea is of interest to you, send us a photograph of your lorry. That’s a great place to start. We can then offer you the lowest prices around for trucks or lorry squeezies that will represent your brand excellently.

Large promotional lorry stress ball

Our largest lorry stress shape. Lots of print area here!

For more information, please contact me today on 01642 782455. We would be more than happy to supply samples to assist you with your decision. You can go straight to our lorry shapes online here.

Promotional Panda Bear Stress Balls

September 8th, 2014
Front view of a promotional panda bear stress ball

The Panda! One of our most popular wildlife shapes

We just received a large quantity of promotional panda stress balls which I’m sure will go quite quickly. These panda shaped squeezies are so popular with many different businesses. They’re cute and squishy! What more could you ask for in a printed giveaway?

I’ve written in the past about how squeezing stress toys can get addictive. If your business has anything to do with pandas, whether it be assisting your clients with Google Panda updates or promoting animal welfare, these could be the business gifts for you.

Three promotional panda bear stress balls from different angles

Want to see a sample too? Just ask!

The panda we supply is 67mm x 60mm x 93mm. The perfect size for the average adult sized hand. There is also a nice print area on the back of 30mm x 25mm.

Print area on the back of a promotional panda bear stress ball

The large print area on the back.

If time allows, we can also make these to order for you. This takes about three weeks but you could then choose the colours so that your pandas match your company colour scheme.

Think about the visually attractive this could be. Let’s say you have purple and yellow in your colour scheme. We could match the pantones and manufacture promotional panda bear stress balls in these colours. People will still know it is a panda but it will be a panda that no other company will have. It will look like your own brand of stress toys.

View of the underside of a promotional panda bear stress ball.

The underside of the panda. These fat legs help ensure the panda sits comfortably on the desktop.

Printed stress toys are great for sending through the post or handing out on exhibition stands. As they are not breakable, they can be easily transported too.

If the idea of sending these shaped stress toys out to your customers appeals to you, please contact us today. We would be more than happy to send you samples of our work. Be prepared to be impressed!

By the way, we can also help you with your artwork. Typesetting is part of our free service. We can print in both full colour and spot colour.

If you would like more information, please contact us on 01642 782455. You can see price information on our site here.

Promotional Panda Bear Stress Balls

And another view.

Promotional Umbrellas – Ideas From The Promotional Products Show

August 22nd, 2014

Promotional umbrellas are of course very popular here in the UK. Everyone needs a good umbrella so why not get your brand printed onto a quantity? We’re talking walking billboards here!

In the above video I talk with my co-host of The Promotional Products Show, Jon Clark from the PPAF (Promotional Products Association Florida ) Show in Orlando.

Jon introduces us to a number of top printed umbrella suppliers so that we can see what is new and possible in the world of printed umbrellas. Although these are American suppliers, CompuGift can supply their products here in the UK. So if you see anything you like, please get in touch.

We also supply excellent quality promotional umbrellas from UK manufacturers.

Choosing the best promotional umbrellas for your requirements

You may just want an inexpensive umbrella printed one colour on one panel. That said, you will see how fantastic your corporate umbrellas can look when printed in full colour all over the canapy in this video.

Promotional umbrellas are available in small to large sizes and of varying quality. It’s really up to you and what you are hoping to achieve from your promotion.

Many of our customers want to hand out low cost umbrellas that are fit for purpose for a one day event. Charities, for example often give away umbrellas at their outdoor events. Many don’t have huge budgets so low cost umbrellas are perfect.

If you are hoping to promote your corporate brand, however you will probably want to consider one of the better quality options. Stormproof umbrellas that can be used in high winds last a long time. Yes, they are more expensive but they will promote your brand in a good way for a lot longer.

When deciding which products are best for you, you will want to consider not only your print options but also other personalisation methods such as colour coordinated handles and trim.

Here at CompuGift we can assist you with everything you need to know to get the most out of your imprinted umbrella promotion.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or if you would like to arrange to see a sample. I can be contacted on 01642 782455

All of the articles posted on this blog are by Dan Toombs, Managing Director of CompuGift Limited.

Which Social Media Logos Can Be Printed on Promotional Products?

April 24th, 2014
Promotional Mugs with incorrect use of Twitter logo

It is generally not permitted to use the Twitter logo on promotional merchandise.

With social networking playing an increasingly important role in so many of our businesses and organizations, you won’t be alone in wondering which social icons you can print onto your promotional merchandise.

I receive enquiries daily from people who want to promote their social pages on business gifts but there are strict guidelines to follow. In some cases such as Google Plus and LinkedIn, it is simply not allowed!

We’ve probably all seen people showing off their latest mobile phone cover or cap featuring their logo next to a G+, Twitter and/or Facebook logo. In most cases this merchandise looks great. But they could be asking for trouble and even financial loss. With this article, I aim to ensure this doesn’t happen to you.

I have also included links to the branding guideline pages of each social network for further reading.

Google Plus

It is not permitted to use the G+ logo on your own printed merchandise. As much as you may enjoy being part of this exciting new network, don’t go to the expense of plastering the logo on the front of your corporate shirts unless you receive written approval from Google first. I have heard of permission being granted in some cases though have never printed or embroidered the logo for our customers.

You can visit Google’s branding guidelines page here.


Twitter is very clear on what is and is not permitted when using their logo. You can even download the logo on their site and view graphics of how the logo can be printed. You can visit their branding guideline page here.

Important points are shown below.

1.) It is generally not permitted to use the Twitter Bird on promotional merchandise though you can use it on product packaging.

2.) It is permitted to use the Twitter logo on other advertising and marketing material.

3.) The Twitter logo may not be larger than your own logo.

4.) The Twitter logo must be accompanied with a clear call to action to follow your company such as “follow us on Twitter”.

5.) You are only allowed to use the current Twitter logo and this must be printed in the Twitter corporate blue or white. No other Twitter logo versions may be used.

6.) There must be a 200% buffer zone around the bird. Again, this needs to be accompanied with a clear call to action to follow you.


You are allowed to use the Facebook logo on printed merchandise but you do need to stick to the rules. You can find Facebook’s Dos and Don’ts guidelines here.

Key points are as follows:

1.) Use the “f” logo to show your presence on Facebook or use of content or products that originated on Facebook.

2.) When printing the “f” logo onto merchandise, it must be accompanied with a clear call to action such as “Follow us on Facebook”. Do not simply print the logo on its own.

3.) The logo must be printed in Facebook’s corporate blue on light backgrounds. If printing onto dark backgrounds where it could be difficult to print in blue you may print the white version. If printing in blue onto a light background is not a possibility, you can use the black version of the logo.

4.) You may not modify the logo in any other way.


From what I have found, it is quite easy to use the YouTube logo on promotional merchandise. I recommend checking out their guidelines for yourself but it appears you can use the current horizontal logo. You may also use the old stacked logo if it is necessary – print area etc.

Unlike the other major social networks, however you are not allowed to use the logo in a call for action.

If you use a call to action, it must be in text without the logo. You may not print ‘Follow my (YOUTUBE LOGO) channel’. You may print “Follow my YouTube Channel”.

As with the other social networks, you are not allowed to change the logo in any way.


Pinterest appears to be very keen for you to promote your Pinterest account. They offer very clear brand guidelines on their site.

As long as you don’t manipulate the Pinterest logo in any way and you don’t imply that Pinterest is sponsoring your promotion, you should be okay.


Forget it. You may not print the Linkedin logo on any promotional material.

I hope this information has helped you decide how best to promote your brand’s social presence with promotional products. When in doubt, you can visit the links listed above. Also, any good business gifts supplier should know all the regulations very well by now.

If you have any questions, please feel free to leave them in the comments section below.

By Dan Toombs

Using Social Media Prize Draws To Build Your Brand

February 28th, 2014
Example of a prize draw photograph

Prize draw picture example

I am asked often how I managed to attract over 20,000 Twitter followers to my business Twitter account and over 53000 to my food blog account. The truth is, it wasn’t difficult. No I didn’t purchase followers like so many people playing catch up have decided to do. That’s a bad move and it will also make your time using social media quite boring and a waste of time.

I went about it in a more organic way. First of all I created content and posted it regularly on my blogs. Depending on your industry, that may not be enough either. Sometimes it makes sense to whet people’s appetites with a good old prize.

The thing is, a lot of gaining a large following is down to your specialty.

I started my business Twitter and Facebook accounts years before I ever started blogging about food but it didn’t take long for my business account to be overshadowed by my foodie accounts. That’s just the way it is. People prefer reading recipes to learning about promotional pens unless they happen to be looking for pens at the moment and don’t like cooking.

But you can still make a big difference and grow your social channels with a bit of work and a few enticing prize gifts.

The important thing to remember is that the products you have on offer as prizes need to be in line with what it is you do. This will help ensure that the people entering your prize draws are interested in your products/service. We are all on social media to meet new people and promote our brands after all.

For my food blog that was easy. I found a good group of sponsors who donated food related gifts as prizes in return for me helping them build their social brands. Let’s just say that most of my sponsors have been with me for over two years so they are realising great results and obviously happy.

With my business blog I had to dig a little deeper in my pockets but the ROI has been awesome. I have attracted many new customers to my business’s products and service that I probably would never have met if it weren’t for the prize draws.

You can probably see from this page that my business supplies promotional products to businesses and organisations. For my business prize draws I suggested that only people who are responsible for marketing business, clubs or organisations should enter. You can’t make this mandatory but the suggestion seems to work just fine.

How Do You Start?

There are a lot of great prize draw apps out there. I have tested a few but now use Rafflecopter. I like Rafflecopter because the app randomly chooses the winner meaning I don’t have to. That could cause problems.

The app allows you to choose from a number of entry options such as following your business on Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest. You can also ask entrants to take a poll which is great for gathering important data. There is even a way to choose your own entry options such asking entrants to share the contest with their followers including your details in the tweet.

Each entry method gains people a chosen amount of points. Entrants can choose just one entry method or all of them. The more ways they choose, the more points they receive and the better their chances of winning.

If you’d like to see how this works in action, you can check out some of my current prize draws here.

The Rafflecopter app is free to use though there is a paid version with more functionality. Just in case you are wondering, I am in no way affiliated with Rafflecopter but I do like the app. You can visit their site here.

What do You Give Away?

If, like me you are lucky to have great sponsors or your own product/service you can give away you are ready to go. If on the other hand you don’t there are things you could do. Perhaps your suppliers would be happy to sponsor one of your draws. It never hurts to ask. Failing that, you could simply give away something like a Kindle or a few promotional products printed with your logo.

The prize doesn’t have to be expensive to attract attention but it does need to be interesting. Prize draws help create a buzz around your brand. They get people talking about and sharing information about you. Now that’s can’t be a bad thing!

I hope this post has given you a few ideas. I would be happy to answer any questions. I’ve been doing this long enough now that I think I should be able to help. Just leave a comment below.

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