Promotional Umbrellas – Ideas From The Promotional Products Show

August 22nd, 2014

Promotional umbrellas are of course very popular here in the UK. Everyone needs a good umbrella so why not get your brand printed onto a quantity? We’re talking walking billboards here!

In the above video I talk with my co-host of The Promotional Products Show, Jon Clark from the PPAF (Promotional Products Association Florida ) Show in Orlando.

Jon introduces us to a number of top printed umbrella suppliers so that we can see what is new and possible in the world of printed umbrellas. Although these are American suppliers, CompuGift can supply their products here in the UK. So if you see anything you like, please get in touch.

We also supply excellent quality promotional umbrellas from UK manufacturers.

Choosing the best promotional umbrellas for your requirements

You may just want an inexpensive umbrella printed one colour on one panel. That said, you will see how fantastic your corporate umbrellas can look when printed in full colour all over the canapy in this video.

Promotional umbrellas are available in small to large sizes and of varying quality. It’s really up to you and what you are hoping to achieve from your promotion.

Many of our customers want to hand out low cost umbrellas that are fit for purpose for a one day event. Charities, for example often give away umbrellas at their outdoor events. Many don’t have huge budgets so low cost umbrellas are perfect.

If you are hoping to promote your corporate brand, however you will probably want to consider one of the better quality options. Stormproof umbrellas that can be used in high winds last a long time. Yes, they are more expensive but they will promote your brand in a good way for a lot longer.

When deciding which products are best for you, you will want to consider not only your print options but also other personalisation methods such as colour coordinated handles and trim.

Here at CompuGift we can assist you with everything you need to know to get the most out of your imprinted umbrella promotion.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or if you would like to arrange to see a sample. I can be contacted on 01642 782455

All of the articles posted on this blog are by Dan Toombs, Managing Director of CompuGift Limited.

Which Social Media Logos Can Be Printed on Promotional Products?

April 24th, 2014
Promotional Mugs with incorrect use of Twitter logo

It is generally not permitted to use the Twitter logo on promotional merchandise.

With social networking playing an increasingly important role in so many of our businesses and organizations, you won’t be alone in wondering which social icons you can print onto your promotional merchandise.

I receive enquiries daily from people who want to promote their social pages on business gifts but there are strict guidelines to follow. In some cases such as Google Plus and LinkedIn, it is simply not allowed!

We’ve probably all seen people showing off their latest mobile phone cover or cap featuring their logo next to a G+, Twitter and/or Facebook logo. In most cases this merchandise looks great. But they could be asking for trouble and even financial loss. With this article, I aim to ensure this doesn’t happen to you.

I have also included links to the branding guideline pages of each social network for further reading.

Google Plus

It is not permitted to use the G+ logo on your own printed merchandise. As much as you may enjoy being part of this exciting new network, don’t go to the expense of plastering the logo on the front of your corporate shirts unless you receive written approval from Google first. I have heard of permission being granted in some cases though have never printed or embroidered the logo for our customers.

You can visit Google’s branding guidelines page here.


Twitter is very clear on what is and is not permitted when using their logo. You can even download the logo on their site and view graphics of how the logo can be printed. You can visit their branding guideline page here.

Important points are shown below.

1.) It is generally not permitted to use the Twitter Bird on promotional merchandise though you can use it on product packaging.

2.) It is permitted to use the Twitter logo on other advertising and marketing material.

3.) The Twitter logo may not be larger than your own logo.

4.) The Twitter logo must be accompanied with a clear call to action to follow your company such as “follow us on Twitter”.

5.) You are only allowed to use the current Twitter logo and this must be printed in the Twitter corporate blue or white. No other Twitter logo versions may be used.

6.) There must be a 200% buffer zone around the bird. Again, this needs to be accompanied with a clear call to action to follow you.


You are allowed to use the Facebook logo on printed merchandise but you do need to stick to the rules. You can find Facebook’s Dos and Don’ts guidelines here.

Key points are as follows:

1.) Use the “f” logo to show your presence on Facebook or use of content or products that originated on Facebook.

2.) When printing the “f” logo onto merchandise, it must be accompanied with a clear call to action such as “Follow us on Facebook”. Do not simply print the logo on its own.

3.) The logo must be printed in Facebook’s corporate blue on light backgrounds. If printing onto dark backgrounds where it could be difficult to print in blue you may print the white version. If printing in blue onto a light background is not a possibility, you can use the black version of the logo.

4.) You may not modify the logo in any other way.


From what I have found, it is quite easy to use the YouTube logo on promotional merchandise. I recommend checking out their guidelines for yourself but it appears you can use the current horizontal logo. You may also use the old stacked logo if it is necessary – print area etc.

Unlike the other major social networks, however you are not allowed to use the logo in a call for action.

If you use a call to action, it must be in text without the logo. You may not print ‘Follow my (YOUTUBE LOGO) channel’. You may print “Follow my YouTube Channel”.

As with the other social networks, you are not allowed to change the logo in any way.


Pinterest appears to be very keen for you to promote your Pinterest account. They offer very clear brand guidelines on their site.

As long as you don’t manipulate the Pinterest logo in any way and you don’t imply that Pinterest is sponsoring your promotion, you should be okay.


Forget it. You may not print the Linkedin logo on any promotional material.

I hope this information has helped you decide how best to promote your brand’s social presence with promotional products. When in doubt, you can visit the links listed above. Also, any good business gifts supplier should know all the regulations very well by now.

If you have any questions, please feel free to leave them in the comments section below.

By Dan Toombs

Using Social Media Prize Draws To Build Your Brand

February 28th, 2014
Example of a prize draw photograph

Prize draw picture example

I am asked often how I managed to attract over 20,000 Twitter followers to my business Twitter account and over 53000 to my food blog account. The truth is, it wasn’t difficult. No I didn’t purchase followers like so many people playing catch up have decided to do. That’s a bad move and it will also make your time using social media quite boring and a waste of time.

I went about it in a more organic way. First of all I created content and posted it regularly on my blogs. Depending on your industry, that may not be enough either. Sometimes it makes sense to whet people’s appetites with a good old prize.

The thing is, a lot of gaining a large following is down to your specialty.

I started my business Twitter and Facebook accounts years before I ever started blogging about food but it didn’t take long for my business account to be overshadowed by my foodie accounts. That’s just the way it is. People prefer reading recipes to learning about promotional pens unless they happen to be looking for pens at the moment and don’t like cooking.

But you can still make a big difference and grow your social channels with a bit of work and a few enticing prize gifts.

The important thing to remember is that the products you have on offer as prizes need to be in line with what it is you do. This will help ensure that the people entering your prize draws are interested in your products/service. We are all on social media to meet new people and promote our brands after all.

For my food blog that was easy. I found a good group of sponsors who donated food related gifts as prizes in return for me helping them build their social brands. Let’s just say that most of my sponsors have been with me for over two years so they are realising great results and obviously happy.

With my business blog I had to dig a little deeper in my pockets but the ROI has been awesome. I have attracted many new customers to my business’s products and service that I probably would never have met if it weren’t for the prize draws.

You can probably see from this page that my business supplies promotional products to businesses and organisations. For my business prize draws I suggested that only people who are responsible for marketing business, clubs or organisations should enter. You can’t make this mandatory but the suggestion seems to work just fine.

How Do You Start?

There are a lot of great prize draw apps out there. I have tested a few but now use Rafflecopter. I like Rafflecopter because the app randomly chooses the winner meaning I don’t have to. That could cause problems.

The app allows you to choose from a number of entry options such as following your business on Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest. You can also ask entrants to take a poll which is great for gathering important data. There is even a way to choose your own entry options such asking entrants to share the contest with their followers including your details in the tweet.

Each entry method gains people a chosen amount of points. Entrants can choose just one entry method or all of them. The more ways they choose, the more points they receive and the better their chances of winning.

If you’d like to see how this works in action, you can check out some of my current prize draws here.

The Rafflecopter app is free to use though there is a paid version with more functionality. Just in case you are wondering, I am in no way affiliated with Rafflecopter but I do like the app. You can visit their site here.

What do You Give Away?

If, like me you are lucky to have great sponsors or your own product/service you can give away you are ready to go. If on the other hand you don’t there are things you could do. Perhaps your suppliers would be happy to sponsor one of your draws. It never hurts to ask. Failing that, you could simply give away something like a Kindle or a few promotional products printed with your logo.

The prize doesn’t have to be expensive to attract attention but it does need to be interesting. Prize draws help create a buzz around your brand. They get people talking about and sharing information about you. Now that’s can’t be a bad thing!

I hope this post has given you a few ideas. I would be happy to answer any questions. I’ve been doing this long enough now that I think I should be able to help. Just leave a comment below.

How To Work With Well Known Bloggers To Promote Your Brand

February 27th, 2014
Candiasoil Olive oil

One of the new sponsors I now work closely with is Candiasoil Olive Oil. I love their product and use it in my cooking. They also feature regularly in my posts.

I have been writing The Curry Guy food blog now for just over three years. About six months after I started, I was approached by a company called Delish Fish who offered to supply seafood for my recipes in exchange for a mention or two if I liked their product. I loved their product and that was the beginning of a great partnership. It also led me to working with many more brilliant sponsors.

Each day I am approached my several new companies asking to work with me. Some proposals are of interest where others go straight in the bin.

You see, blogging as I do with my food blog takes a lot of time and effort. It’s not just about writing and photographing the recipes. A lot of work goes into building my own following through social networking and getting to know the influential people who I can work with to build my own personal brand and theirs.

Why would any hard working blogger want to work with a PR who offers to send them a £5.00 widget in exchange for a review? Let’s just say a well written review would take about an hour to write so it really isn’t of interest. Remember the bin I mentioned above. I also won’t write a recipe, mentioning a product on the off chance of winning a £100.00 prize. No… Good try, but I’ll leave that to those who don’t take their blogging all that seriously.

Working with well known bloggers can reap excellent rewards for your brand regardless of your industry. But going about it in a professional manner is not only important for the brand of the business but the personal brand of the blogger.

Bloggers with large readerships can do wonders for your brand and it is therefore important that you as a marketer understand and respect this. It is also a necessity to understand what you should expect from your blogging partners.

Here I would like to offer three things you should do and also three thing you should expect when working together with bloggers.

3 Things To Do…

Do offer a package that is in line with the popularity of the blogger. New bloggers with small followings may be happy to write a two page review of your £30.00 product but your reach will be small. Not only that, but the blogger will lose interest and your relationship will fizzle out. Think of your blogging partners as an extension of your brand. In order for the relationship to work, the blogger must be passionate about your products and/or services and enjoy the rewards of being part of a team.

Do think of the long-term. Simply paying a blogger in product or cash for one or two articles linking to your brand might have a good response. I would like you to consider the idea though of working with that blogger over six months or more. Perhaps they could include your products in their photographs and link to you more often even when your products/services are not necessarily the star of the post. Can you see how this could be beneficial as the author posts his/her daily blog? Of course you can.

Do consider offering prizes for the blogger to promote. One of the best ways to get people interested in your brand is to offer your products/service as a prize. Think about it… Your blogger partner writes about things that are in line with what you do. Their readership will therefore be interested in your brand too. An experienced blogger will understand how to get people to like you on Facebook, follow you on Twitter and circle you on G+. These are your future customers.

Farmer's Choice Meat and Curry Guy Spices

One of my long term sponsors – Farmer’s Choice – not only supplies most of the meat for my blog but also sell my Curry Guy smoked spice range through their online shop. It’s the perfect partnership. Farmer’s Choice specialise in top quality free range meat that can be delivered right to your doorstep.

3 Things To Expect…

Expect exactly what is agreed. If this relationship is going to work, the blogger needs to be an extension of your brand. They should want to work with you to ensure both sides are happy with the results. I recommend writing out a plan that both sides are over the moon with. Your proposal needs to be one that respects the amount of hard work it will take promote your brand to the masses.

Expect a few ideas over time. People who write popular blogs are where they are for a reason. Most will know how to get their posts to show highly in search. They should also know how best to present your products/services through their writing, photographs and videos. As the relationship grows, you should expect to hear some fun, new ways of promoting your brand.

Expect progress reports. When I work with my sponsors, I try to show them where they stand at the beginning of a campaign and where they stand at the end. Usually this is done in the way of a social media progress report. I show them how their social networks are growing as a direct result of working with me. You may wish to look at other criteria which could be discussed with your author partners.

I hope this has given you a bit of food for thought. Have you worked with bloggers to promote your brand? Would you like to add any ideas or suggestions? Perhaps you have a few questions. I’d love to hear from you so please leave a comment.

Want To Know How To Add Colour To Your Promotion With Promotional Travel Mugs?

February 4th, 2014
Promotional Travel Mugs with mix-n-match colours

You can make your mugs to match your corporate colours. Choose the mug, grip, lid colours. Or you could choose from many colours to really brighten up your exhibition stand.

These are new this year and I can’t wait to tell you all about them. The colour combination possibilities are almost endless.

Promotional travel mugs are becoming increasingly popular and as you can see from the pictures here, having them made in the colour combinations of your choice can look spectacular.

These long lasting plastic mugs make excellent gifts for your customers and employees and can take your logo and message wherever they are carried. What’s more, they can be made to order from stocked parts in many different colour combinations. This will create even more interest in your brand.

Mug parts on an exhibition stand for people to build their own travel mugs

Here’s an idea for presenting your printed travel mugs at an exhibition.

Hand grips for promotional travel mugs

These rubberised grips make using the travel mugs more enjoyable.

Promotional travel mugs in many different colours

Go on… choose your colour!

No spill lids for travel mugs

The no spill lids are top quality and nice to use. These are gifts with real staying power.

You can even order the colourful parts in a variety of colours and let your customers create their own designs. As you can see from the pictures above, doing so can be a colourful addition to your exhibition stand or meeting room.

The colourful pieces offer nice large print areas for your logo and details. Use all of this printable space and print your logo nice and large along with your contact detail or strap-line so that they are easily read.

Remember, these are more than just printed travel mugs. They are essentially walking billboards for your brand so be sure to use the print areas to their full potential. We can offer advice and mock up samples to assist you with this.

Promotional spill safe travel mugs are not only used by people on the go. Many popular coffee shops and clubs are now offering free or discounted cups of coffee to those who bring in their own reusable mug. Many people are taking advantage of this on their way to the office where they finish their logo printed drink. The mug then usually remains on their desk for their work colleagues and visitors to see.

Truth is, all promotional mugs are fantastic business gifts! Almost everyone enjoys a few coffee or tea breaks during their work day or at home. Offering these people a good quality insulated travel mug to use during their break will ensure your logo is always close by.

This means it will be much easier for them to quite literally put their hands on your details next time they require your products or services.

So what are you waiting for?

Ask for samples today of these new multi piece mugs. Heck, why not make us go to a little work for you and send you samples of the parts in the colours that are closest your your company colours? We are sure you will like these low cost mugs and look forward to working with you.

You can go straight to our promotional travel mugs selection when you click here.

Up To Date Information About Promotional USB Flash Drives

February 2nd, 2014
Standard shaped USB Sticks from stock range

Here are just a few of the popular standard shapes. These USB sticks are kept in stock and can be express printed.

You are no doubt finding yourself increasingly aware of how fierce the competition is in today’s world. Your competitors are vying for the attention of your customers in more ways than ever before. It’s time to start thinking about how you can stand above the competition and get your message into the right hands. One of the most innovative ways to do that is to give your target customers modern day promotional products that they will find useful.

Branded USB flash drives are such products.

These little memory sticks are being used now more than ever. Most technological products become obsolete after a few years due to the rate of innovation, but USB sticks have become more popular and, perhaps more importantly more interesting over the past few years.

Credit Card Shaped Promotional USB stick

We love these thin credit card shaped USB flash drives. They fit nicely in a wallet which makes them easy to carry from place to place. These are kept in stock for express delivery.

Since I originally wrote this article back in 2010, these business gifts have become not only more valuable in the day to day running of our businesses but nicer to look at too.

Back then, few people used them or even knew what they were used for. The passage of time really can bring good things.

Increased storage capacity and reliability has made them a must-have item for many people, which makes them a perfect promotional gift. New designs and the possibility of having them made to order in the shapes of your choice helped rocket them to becoming some of the most requested products of the past year.

Made to order USB flash drive

We can now design and deliver USB sticks in the shape of your choice. Here’s one we did in the shape of an iron. What shape would you like yours to be in?

The small, sleek USB flash stick comes in a vast array of shapes and colours as well as different materials. The standard shape is the thin stick made from plastic, but other standard shapes and popular colours have hit the market recently that you will want to check out if the idea of giving away branded USB sticks appeals to you.

Standard shapes can be rectangular, oval, round or square. The exterior can be plastic, rubber, metal or even wood. Some USB flash drives have a keyring hole or loop so that they can be carried easily on a keychain. The design you choose for your USB flash stick will be complemented by your organisation’s logo imprinted directly on the exterior.

Promotional USB flash drives

Eye catching and oh so useful. Here are some more from our express range.

Your own products/services will no doubt be the answer to one or more of your target customers’ problems. Your job is to ensure that they receive and understand that message loud and clear. These innovative products can help you to do just that.

Your products and services are the answer to their needs so it is a good idea to promote that by giving them business gifts that will reinforce this fact by appealing to their wants. If you feel that your target customers might want to have an easy way to store and carry information, then these are the products that will keep your brand in front of them regularly.

It is important to understand all of the possibilities these products have on offer. Not only can you have them made to match the shape of your logo or product, you can also have important information such as white papers you’ve written or videos that will help them use your products more easily pre-loaded onto the USB sticks.

Promotional USB people flash drives

We carry a full range of USB sticks in the shape of people. There is a flash drive that will appeal to almost every profession. From doctors to athletes to policemen. For more information and a sample, just ask.

USB People

Here are a few of the USB people you can choose from. There are many more!

The sky really is the limit. From design assistance to information about how you can make your corporate flash drives far better than anything your customers can find on the High Street, we are here to help.

For more information, please contact me on 01642 782455.

Introducing A New Pantone Perfect Printing Method For Promotional Mugs

January 28th, 2014
Pantone Matched Printing onto ceramic mugs

Perfect Pantone matches are now possible. If you’ve every experienced problems with your colours printing properly onto ceramics, your problems are now over.

The days of old are definitely behind us when it comes to printing mugs for promotional uses.

If you’ve ever purchased branded mugs and cups for your business, you may have run into a little problem that was unavoidable until now. That’s right, the print on the surface just wasn’t your corporate colour.

Yes, we were usually able to get close but close was not always good enough. There were two reason for this which I’ll explain to you. While I do this though, just keep looking up at that perfect Pantone print in the picture above. If you want Pantone matched ceramics now, you need not look any further.

Back in the old days – 2013 and before – there were complications in getting perfect matches. Bright colours such as red would look a dull rusty colour when printed onto darker surfaces such as black or navy.

In additioin, our printers were limited to the colours they could print. This was because mug printers did not use Pantone inks. Instead they used inks that would perform best when subjected to the high heat of the firing process. Alas, the intense heat almost always changed the colours some.

Bad suppliers would simply send you your order after ensuring you signed off your right to return the discoloured stock, while better suppliers would send you printed samples before printing all the mugs for your order.

Often you would be presented with two or three slightly or dramatically different finished samples printed with your logo. You would have to choose the best option or decline them all together and cancel the order.

Pantone perfect printed mugs by CompuGift

You’ve got to hold and use one of these Pantone perfect mugs. Be prepared to be impressed.

Not any more!

After months of trials and test with a new Pantone matched ink, we can now offer you colour perfect print onto mugs. What’s more, this ink can be applied to almost all of our ceramic designs.

Now you may wonder whether the new inks are safe and if so will they last?

The answer is yes and yes.

The new inks are perfectly safe and they last just as long as standard inks. They are even dishwasher safe.

We would be more than happy to arrange for you to see samples of this new personalisation method. Use them. Wash them. See for yourself why I am so excited about this advance in printing.

If you’ve every experienced problems with mugs not looking their best in the past, your problems are now over.

For more information, please contact me on 01642 782455.

All About The Promotional Products Distributor Of The Year Sham That Could Cost You Money

January 27th, 2014
Dan Toombs - Managing Director of CompuGift

I promise never to subscribe to old school marketing tactics

Search the internet for branded items and you may run into a few business gift suppliers who claim to be the Promotional Products Distributor of the Year. I say a few because there are no fewer than ten organisations that hand out this coveted award. That’s just in the UK!

Sure they all have their own self promoting version but the implied message is the same… This distributor of promotional products is the best – the  crème de la crème of branded merchandise.

Now it is very possible that the winning companies do their jobs well. But let’s look at what these awards really mean in more detail.

The business gifts industry in the UK and elsewhere is divided into a two tier system. There are the manufacturers, printers and importers of products that supply business gift distributors at trade prices. These distributors – like me – then go out and supply the end user at what should be a reasonable markup. In an ideal world this would seem pretty clear cut but it doesn’t always work that way.

Many manufacturers and product importers also sell directly to the end user. This has led substantial numbers of distributors to cut out the middleman and import their own products in an effort to ensure their customers receive the best prices and service. The tiers overlap at times but for the most part it is a good system for all parties.

Why do I want you to know this?

Well, every year I – like most distributors in my position – am asked by at least two organisations to vote for the manufacturers, printers and importers I feel are the best. I do this happily as it means something. If a supplier wins Supplier of the Year because they have received a lot of votes from businesses such as mine, then they are obviously doing an outstanding job and deserve the recognition within our industry.

So what is the problem?

Each year our suppliers are also asked to vote for their favourite customers to be awarded the best Distributor of the Year. I do not subscribe to this form of old school back scratching. No, CompuGift has never won such an award but before you write this article off as me having sour grapes, please allow me to explain.

The only way such an award could possibly be worth the paper it is printed on would be if the distributor’s customers were doing the voting. This is of course impossible because we all have our own customers and those customers are not members of the industry organisations we belong to.

This means that in order for a distributor to win such an award they need to do it the old fashion way: beg and schmooze.

Long before the internet and online meaningful customer reviews, this was the only way to do it. Alas, the promotional products organisations out there still seem to live in the days of old. There are still many business gift suppliers who feel the need to win these nonsensical  awards so they snuggle up to their suppliers and curry favour to convince them to give  them their vote. Let’s face it, it does look good printed on their letterhead and emblazoned all over their websites.

How does this affect you, your business and your business gift promotions?

If a distributor crawls to their suppliers in a way that should no longer be tolerated, then they are not giving you the service you deserve. Rather than offer you sound advice on the products that are best for your company, they will recommend the products of the suppliers whose adulation they want to attract so they can place that Distributor of the Year banner on their site.

Personally, I treat my suppliers in the same way I would expect my customers to treat me. I look for great service, products, ideas and prices. If a supplier fails at this then I go elsewhere, even if it does mean not receiving their vote. Only then can I be the Distributor of the Year to those whose vote really matters… My customers.

Are similar awards handed out in your industry? I have many competitors whom I also consider to be friends that agree with my opinion. Perhaps you are a competitor or supplier who does not. Whether you agree or not, I’d love to hear what you have to say in the comments section below.

How Smartphone and Other Device Chargers Build Brands

January 25th, 2014
Promotional phone and tablet charger

Famous brands are using these chargers! Shouldn’t you consider doing so too?

How many times have you been out and about when your phone ran out of battery? If you’re like me, it happens all the time. You try to ensure you have plenty of battery when you leave the office but somehow it just doesn’t happen.

We live in a time when our smartphones and other tablets are not only a convenience but an extension of our office and business. We can’t afford to allow a low battery to get in the way of doing what it is we do best.

I’d toyed with the idea of getting an emergency battery charger for my phone and iPad but like many things, the idea got pushed to the back of the pile so I could concentrate on more pressing issues. You probably know the feeling. These still aren’t things we think to purchase for ourselves but they sure make a nice gift.

I recently visited the UK’s biggest promotional products exhibition – Trade Only – and was once again out of battery when I needed it most. The office couldn’t contact me. My customers couldn’t contact me. I couldn’t take the pictures I wanted to share with you of the new products I saw of interest.

Luckily, I didn’t need to look far to get fully charged up again.

Promotional smartphone and tablet chargers are hot this year. All I needed to do was walk up to one of my suppliers to test their charger and I was back in action. In no time at all, I had a full battery again and a few awesome backup chargers to take home with me.

This business saving experience inspired me to write this post. I want to let you know that these chargers are available to you to promote your brand wherever you do business. You can order them printed in quantities as low as 25 and they aren’t expensive either!

Think about it… Do you have customers who could benefit from having one of these chargers? Of course you do! It is 2014 after all.

With a starting price of around £12.00 (approx. USD $18) each for 25, they are probably the most useful gift you can give to your top clients this year.

Carefully targeted and given to the right people, these business gifts are gifts with real staying power. Each time your customers need a power boost, they will see your logo and remember you. That is never a bad thing.

Now, let me tell you how not to give them away.

One of the stands at the promotional gifts exhibition I attended had a large pile of chargers on their stand for all to take. I took one. Others took a few.

The sales people on the stand were quite busy and there wasn’t a catalogue in site. I spoke to no one but took the free gift. I then clicked a picture of it and took notes using my Evernote app on my phone so I could recall where I got it. Then I stood back and watched as competitors took the free gift without taking details.

The chargers weren’t printed so the supplier will presumably not see a good ROI. We’re talking massive fail here.

These are not gifts to simply hand out to anyone and everyone! Hand them out to your best customers who you know will appreciate the gift. Be sure that your logo and details are printed nice and large on them. Stay in contact with the customer you give the charger to, to reinforce your brand. Watch as your sales with those targeted customers increase.

Promotional phone charger

My phone getting an emergency charge

Fun & Techie – Branded iPhone Horn Amplifiers

January 17th, 2014
Promotional iPhone Holder With A Horn Speaker

Doesn’t this look great! I love mine.

Users of iPhones will love using your logo branded iPhone horn amplifiers.

These are of course business gifts that need to be targeted carefully at the right customers. There’s no point in handing them out to anyone and everyone. But if you have employees and/or customers who will enjoy having one, they offer a great way to get your brand in front of them on a regular basis.

The desktop phone holders are available for both iPhone 4 and 5 models and as they are exactly the same size on the outside, we can split the order and print accordingly.

I think most of us have experienced misplacing our phones from time to time. Having a sensible place to store it at home or in the office is therefore not a bad idea at all.

I’ve tested this product and love it. I have one or two of my own and can highly recommend them.

With dimensions of 107 x 45 x 42mm they are easily transported for use anyone. Take them to the office, home or with you when you travel make your hotel stays more enjoyable.

The silicon horn amplifiers are available in white, black, blue and red which are the most popular product base colours for branding.

I stress, however that to achieve the best success with printed items like these, you’ve got to get the message right.

With a starting price of around £3.00 each printed one colour for a quantity of 300, you don’t want to simply hand them out to your iPhone using target audience. Although this could very well work, you will get better results if you think of them as the answer to a specific problem.

Do you know of people who enjoy listing to the latest business podcasts in their spare time? Would they like a way to listen to them without wearing headphones or straining to hear the small speaker on their phone? If so, voila… you’ve solved their small problem and they’ll love your for it.

Same goes for anyone who listens to audio books. What a nice way to listen.

The speaker is quite good quality but there are better products if music fans are to be targeted.

Put simply, this is a relatively low cost business gift that has crystal clear sound for spoken voice. They would be an excellent choice for those of you out there who might like to promote your own business podcasts or audio books. Be sure to get your logo on the front with any URL or other details that people will need to keep them coming back to and thinking of you.

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You can also ask questions on Google Plus. My personal account is right here and I’m there daily.

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